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Auto Body Technician

Jacksonville, FL · General Labor

Job Title: Body Tech

Job Overview:

We are not your typical Auto Body Shop, so as one of our Body Shop Technicians, you will be a key part of a young, growing team in NE Florida focused on the reconditioning of automobiles. We LOVE cars, and if you also LOVE making cars look new again, then you may be the perfect fit for one of the Auto Body Shop Technician positions we are hiring for.

Your job specifically will focus on lighter bodywork and advanced repair and replacement techniques. This job has a lot of room to grow and advance. If you are also a Combo Tech who can paint, there are even greater pay and advancement opportunities!

We have a 20 year, stable history in the Jacksonville, FL Auto Body Repair industry. Our Auto Body Repair Service is well managed, professional, and not a large, corporate environment.

Body Technicians with significant skill and experience could be eligible for a signing bonus.

Additional Benefits:

Profit Sharing; Holiday Pay; Cell Phone reimbursement; Shopping Club membership.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Adhering to job instructions & Standards: Follow proposed repair as outlined by work order or verbal instructions and complete it using outlined procedures and methods. Complete repairs to industry standards, notifying management of any difficulties or problems that may prevent a quality job from being performed or cause a change in time frame. Also notifying management of jobs completed that were not to industry standards or if additional repairs are needed.
  • Metalwork: Be able to repair a wide variety of metal damage to a car, be able to use a stud welder, slide hammer, pulling equipment, glue pulling, hammer and dolly etc. Be able to repair steel and aluminum.
  • Bodywork: Repair and prepare cars to be painted by use of plastic welder, hot stapler, heat gun, glues and adhesives, various forms of body filler etc.
  • Block & Feather: Be able to accurately block and feather edge filler repairs and fill pinholes to be able to receive primer.
  • Prime: Be able to select the correct primer for each application, mix and apply it accurately and then be able to block it out to receive paint
  • Prep: Able to mask, scuff, light fill and prime and/or seal and sand panels to enable a technician to refinish the panel.
  • Mechanical: Be able to remove and install a large selection of mechanical items to be able to repair a car such as: bumpers, grilles, hoods, fenders, doors, trim, door panels, fender flares, clips, and fasteners etc. etc. etc.
  • Unmasking & QC: After the vehicle is repainted - unmasking a vehicle, assuring no masking is left behind. Quality checking the vehicle and letting the technician know of any defects in the finish, body work, color match, or any other issues.
  • Delivery of vehicle: Wipe down, blow off, check for dust and buffing sling, return vehicle to dealership or owner and assure the customers satisfaction. Return vehicles and keys to the proper location.
  • Data Collection and Management: Able to accurately input the vehicles data into the software and IT systems (Year, Make, Model, Color, services performed etc.) When your day is complete, and data is entered notify billing (or anyone your supervisor designates)
  • Clean up: Keep your workspace clean and organized, including cleaning, trash disposal, set up and break down.
  • PPE and Waste: Responsible for wearing and maintaining proper PPE and handling and disposing of any waste or hazardous materials properly.
  • Equipment & Tools: Uses equipment and tools safely. Can maintain and note damage to equipment and tools, helps alert the TSM and VP of Operations to these issues.
  • Teamwork: Cooperates and assists other personnel in the repair and prepping of vehicles. Is friendly, helpful, and courteous to all workmates, management, and customers.
  • Other duties: Any other duties or tasks that present themselves in the goals of being a Body Tech of the company in this role.


Russel Woods
Talent Specialist
Mobile - 904-826-7802

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